Q. How far away can the Valve Unit be from the Control Unit?
A. Under most conditions the Valve Unit can be up to 100 feet from the Control Unit. Walls, electrical systems and electronic devices can limit the range.

Q. When opening or closing an outlet manually, how long do I need to wait between activating outlets?
A. If you need to open more than one outlet manually, you need to wait until an outlet is open and running before opening the next.

Q. In Advanced Program Mode, can I turn off one cycle and leave others on.
A. Advanced Program Mode > Settings for Cycle-X > Program (On/Off) effects the entire zone. Cycles cannot be set individually. You can set an individual cycle to zero minutes to effectively turn the cycle off without deleting it from the program.

Q. Does the Rain Delay setting work automatically?
A. Through, you can manually set Rain Delay by zone to skip watering up to 7 days. Once the delay time has passed, the timer will return to its regular schedule. If you would like to completely automate watering, add Melnor’s® unique AquaSentry® Automatic Rain Delay to your watering system. AquaSentry® will monitor moisture in the soil to prevent watering when it has rained or the soil is already wet and watering is not needed. It’s simple and completely automatic. For more information, visit

Q. Why did my timer stop watering at midnight?
A. All cycles in the day must end by 11:59 PM. Any scheduled cycle that runs across the Midnight Hour will stop at that time. The program day begins at 12:00 AM.

Q. How long should my batteries last?
A. Battery life can be affected by several factors like the quality of the batteries and the frequency of watering. When using fresh, high-quality alkaline batteries, users should typically expect 6 months of uninterrupted use. A convenient battery indicator is visible on

Q. When do I need to change batteries?
A. A battery level indicator for the Valve Unit is shown on The indicator will show the percentage of battery power remaining. We suggest replacing the batteries when the indicator turns red.

Q. What happens if the battery becomes low while watering?
A. While watering, the timer constantly monitors the battery level. To prevent overwatering; if the battery is near depletion the valves will close and remain closed until the batteries are replaced. If you are planning to be away from home for an extended period, we strongly suggest checking the battery level before leaving.

Q. What happens if there is a power outage in the house?
A. The Control Unit will not function during a power outage and the timer will not water. If the power goes out during a watering cycle, the Valve Unit will close within 5 minutes of losing power. When power is restored, the Control Unit will reconnect to the router automatically. If this happens during an active watering cycle, watering will resume.

Q. What happens if the Control Unit cannot connect to the Internet?
A. Internet connectivity can be interrupted in several ways such as an Internet outage, modem issues or Wi-Fi router issues. If the Control Unit cannot connect to the Internet, it will continue to run the latest program it has received. Once the connection is restored, the Control Unit will receive the latest program including any changes. If the Control Unit has lost contact with the router, it will automatically reconnect.

Q. How many Control Units can I have on an account?
A. Each account can support up to 2 Control Units. Each Control Unit can control 2 Valve Units. If you need additional Control Units, you can easily create another free account using a different email address.

Q. When do I use the “RESET” button?
A. If after a power outage or loss of network communications, the Control Unit is not able to re-establish a link with either the Valve Unit or the Router, press the RESET button. You will be able to see the Control Unit or Valve Unit is not online through the user interface and/or when the Status light or Config light is lit constantly or flashing sporadically. The Reset button will restart the Control Unit a should re-establish communication.

Q. Why did my water turn off at midnight when it is programmed to run longer?
A. The program day begins at 12:00 AM (Midnight). The last watering cycle of the day must be complete by 11:59 PM. Any scheduled cycle that begins before 12:00 AM and ends after 12:00 AM will automatically turn off at midnight. In Simple Mode, make certain the first cycle of the day (Start Water) is set as early as possible in the 24 hour period so all cycles can finish before midnight. Any cycles scheduled after Midnight will not run.


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